location de 2cv en Ardèche
Location de 2CV en Ardèche

Rental of 2CV and leisures vehicles in Ardèche Rental of and leisures vehicles in Ardèche Rental of méhari and leisures vehicles in Ardèche

The mythical 2CV Citroën

The mythical 2CV Citroën, also known as the DEUCHE or DEDEUCHE.

Excellent for driving windy roads and steep slopes, ARDEUCHE has chosen the 2 cv6 equipped with front and rear seat belts as well as modern brake Discs. Most models have power steering to conform with modern standards of driving comfort.

The fleet consists of 8 cars, these old ladies have been well looked after and will take you to your destination without a problem as long as you give due respect to their age, use common sense and change gear in a sensible way.

Use of these vehicles off-road is strictly prohibited under the ARDEUCHE contract for reasons of safety and insurance.

To hire a vehicle you must be 21 years of age or over, possess a valid driving license for at least 3 years and have a credit card to guarantee a deposit of 1000€.


Day (From 9h00 to 18h00) and 90 km 99 € (Vat incl.)
24 hours and 150 km 159 € (Vat incl.)
2 days and 300 km 299 € (Vat incl.)
Extra day and 150 km 129 € (Vat incl.)
Extra kilometer 0,50 € (Vat incl.)
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